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Using a resume checker can improve your chances of getting hired and set you apart from other applicants. Discover how it functions, what it verifies, and the advantages of utilizing it. This blog explains how an AI-powered resume checker works, including the factors it considers and the feedback it gives. Using a resume checker has several benefits, like saving time, enhancing your resume’s quality, and boosting your chances of catching the eye of potential employers. If you want to improve your job search, this blog is a must-read.

According to a survey by TopResume, 75% of resumes are rejected by applicant tracking systems (ATS) even before a human recruiter can review them. A resume checker is a tool or software that scans a resume and evaluates it for grammar, spelling, readability, and relevance to the job. A resume checker helps job seekers improve their resumes by identifying areas for improvement and suggesting changes to increase their chances of getting hired. CareerNewton uses AI and machine learning to review your resume and provide feedback on its quality and effectiveness. 

Why use a resume checker?

Using a resume checker is a valuable tool for jobseekers seeking to enhance the quality and efficacy of their resumes. Benefits of using a resume checker include:

Identify errors:

A resume checker catches spelling, and grammar mistakes missed by the jobseeker. Incorporating this strategy can significantly boost the level of professionalism and readability of your resume.

Optimize for ATS:

Companies use ATS to pre-screen resumes before human recruiters see them. A resume checker can assist people in improving their resumes for ATS by suggesting appropriate keywords and formatting methods.

Improve readability:

A resume checker improves resumes by suggesting changes to sentence structure, word choice, and formatting.

Tailor to job description:

Using a resume checker can help you tailor your resume to a job description by suggesting changes that better match the job requirements.

Enhance overall quality:

A resume checker can improve the quality of a jobseeker’s resume and make it stand out to potential employers. This is done by identifying and correcting errors, optimizing for ATS, improving readability, and tailoring to the job description.

In short, the main objective of using a resume checker is to create an outstanding resume that effectively showcases the job seeker’s skills and achievements. This will increase their chances of getting hired.

Factors involved in resume checking?

To conclude, a good resume checker evaluates several factors and offers jobseekers feedback and suggestions to enhance their resumes. To make their resume more effective and increase their likelihood of being hired, jobseekers should focus on these key factors.In a typical resume checker, there are various factors that are usually evaluated to determine the quality and effectiveness of a resume. Here are some of the key factors that are typically considered by a resume checker:

Spelling and grammar:

A resume checker will review the resume and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. This can include errors such as spelling mistakes, wrong verb forms, and incorrect punctuation.


A resume checker reviews the formatting of a resume, such as font size, margins, and bullet points. The tool can help improve the resume’s layout, making it easier to read.


A resume checker can search for relevant keywords in a resume based on the job description or position. The tool suggests changes to make sure your resume has the right keywords to pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and grab recruiters’ attention.

Education and experience:

A resume checker analyzes the job seeker’s education and experience to make sure it’s presented clearly and effectively. The tool suggests changes to emphasize important experience and achievements and present the jobseekers qualifications in the best way possible.


A resume checker may assess the resume’s readability based on sentence structure and word choice. The tool can provide recommendations to enhance the text’s coherence, making your resume more readable and a pleasure to go through.

Relevance to job description:

A resume checker can match the content of your resume to the job description, which helps to make sure that your skills and experience match the requirements for the job.

How does a resume checker function?

Resume score of sales professional resume

The process of checking a resume may vary depending on the specific tool or software used. Although, in general, the process requires the following steps:

Parsing the resume:

To check a resume, you first need to extract the text and convert it into a format that the software can analyze. We may need to remove any formatting or design elements that could disrupt the analysis.

Scanning for keywords:

The resume checker scans the resume for keywords that match the job description or position requirements. It’s crucial because lots of companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter resumes according to relevant keywords.

Analyzing the content:

By implementing natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, a resume checker can thoroughly analyze the content of a resume. This evaluation covers critical factors such as grammar, spelling, readability, and most significantly, the relevance of the applicant’s skills to the job description. To analyze a resume thoroughly, we may need to break it down into its parts and examine them closely.

Providing feedback:

The resume checker gives feedback to job seekers on how to improve their resume. It can identify and suggest corrections for things like spelling mistakes, formatting errors, or missing keywords. Feedback can come in the form of suggestions for changes or specific recommendations to improve something.

Suggestions for work experience section in a resume.

Iterating and improving:

The jobseeker can improve their resume by using the feedback provided by the resume checker. They can repeat this process until they have a professional, polished resume that highlights their skills and experience.

In short, checking resumes involves using technology to analyze their content and provide feedback on areas that need improvement. This technology includes natural language processing, machine learning, and keyword scanning. A resume checker can help jobseekers improve their resumes and boost their chances of getting hired.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What are the features of using a resume checker?

A resume checker can enhance job seekers’ resumes, boost their chances of getting hired, and save time in the job search process. It can give helpful feedback and ideas for improvements.

Q2. Are all resume checkers the same?

Not all resume checkers are the same. Resume checkers vary in their algorithms and technology, as well as the factors they use to assess a resume. Selecting a resume checker that caters to your precise requirements and delivers the feedback you seek is crucial.

Q3. Are resume checkers free?

Resume checkers can be either free or require a fee or subscription. To find the right resume checker for you, it’s important to do research and compare various options based on your needs and budget.

Q4. Should I use a resume checker for every job application?

You don’t need to use a resume checker for every job; however it can be useful when creating your resume or applying to a job that asks for certain skills or experience. It’s up to the jobseeker to decide when to use a resume checker.

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