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Most Suitable Education Resume Examples

This education resume example is perfect for any individual looking to get a job or start their own business. This resume template has all the necessary information included to make your resume stand out and be seen by the right people.

Education is rapidly becoming one the most competitive fields to work in today’s era. Due to ongoing technical advancements, there is a lot to learn before you join. Our education resume examples can assist you in the best possible way, and help you craft a job winning resume.

Our Best Education Resume Example

1) Most Recommended Example:

Note: This is a chronological format resume example of a teaching professional.

2) Most Used Example:

combination education resume example

Note: This is a combination format resume example of a teaching professional.

3) Most Viewed Example:

Note: This is a functional format resume example of a teaching professional.

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Best Writing Practices For Your Education Resume

Below are few suggestions you should consider to construct an enticing education resume:

  • Highlight your education and certifications: Show your education and any relevant certifications you have achieved, such as a teaching certificate, a master’s degree, or other accomplishment.
  • Exhibit your teaching experience: Give detailed information about your teaching experience, including the grade levels and subjects you have taught, any unique technique you have used, and any accomplishments you have had in the classroom.
  • Show your leadership skills: In case you have experience in any leadership role, such as a department head or HOD, make sure to display these skills in your resume.
  • Use numbers to measure your achievements: If possible, use numbers to measure your achievements and provide relevant examples to showcase that you have made a positive impact in the classroom.
  • Showcase your technological skills: With the advancement of technology in education, it’s significant to highlight any technological skills you possess, such as experience with the latest digital tools.

10 Recommended Do’s and Don’ts For Writing Education Resume


  • Do include strong action verbs: Add strong verbs such as “executed,” “prepared” “planned,” or “taught” to display your experience.
  • Do include all relevant skills: Highlight skills such as classroom operation, syllabus planning, technology unification, and evaluation.
  • Do customize your resume: Tailor your resume for each job role you apply for, including relevant keywords from the job description.
  • Do incorporate volunteer experience: In case you have relevant volunteer experience, incorporate it to highlight your dedication to education.
  • Do include a cover letter: A well-written cover letter can be a perfect addition to your resume and provide more information about your professional journey.


  • Don’t forget to provide contact information: Ensure to include your contact information, such as your mobile number and email address, so employers can easily connect with you.
  • Don’t use a font that is too small or hard to look through: Use a clear and easy-to-read font that is minimum 11 points.
  • Don’t include improper email addresses or social media profiles: Use a professional email address and never include any unprofessional social media handles.
  • Don’t list unrelated hobbies: Never add hobbies or activities that are unrelated to education.
  • Don’t lie: Don’t overstate or fabricate details on your resume, as it could decrease your chances of being hired.

The Ultimate Guide To Beat The ATS With these Education Resume Skills

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, which is a software that is used by several companies, including those in the education industry, to handle the recruitment process. ATS is basically used to automatically overview job applications and resumes, and to select the most qualified candidates for any given job profile.

In the education industry, ATS is actively used to handle the large number of job applications that educational institutes receive on a regular basis. With the increased demand for educational professionals and the large stack of applications received, educational institutes mostly use ATS to manage the recruitment process and ensure that they are able to select the most suitable candidates quickly and efficiently.

Using our AI resume builder, you can highlight all your relevant education compatible skills.

Some of those skills are-

  1. Curriculum development.
  2. Classroom management.
  3. Differentiated instruction.
  4. Technology integration.
  5. Assessment and evaluation.
  6. Multilingualism.

Education Resume Example As Per Your Experience Level

1) Entry- level (Functional)

functional resume format

For whom this format is ideal to use- Entry- Level professionals with less or no prior experience.

In a functional resume format, your skills and accomplishments are displayed at the top of the resume, accompanied by your work experience and education.

2) Mid- career (Combination)

combination resume format

For whom this format is ideal to use- Entry-Level, Mid-Level and Executive Level professionals

In a combination resume format, both of your skills and work experience are highlighted, with your education section placed just after your work experience section. 

3) High-level (Chronological)

chronological education resume example

For whom this format is ideal to use- Mid-Level and Executive Level professionals.

In a chronological resume format, your work experience is mentioned in reverse chronological order, that is starting with your most recent job.

Suggested Education Cover letter

Some Facts Regarding Education Field

  • According to a report, the average monthly income of a salaried employee in any education sector in India was Rs. 17,000 in the session 2017-18.
  • Till 2021, there will be more than 1.5 million schools in India, catering to over 260 million students, according to the Ministry of Education.
  • The Indian education sector is aimed to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% to capture a market size of $180 billion by 2020.
  • The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the largest education board in India, with over 20,000 schools affiliated to it.
  • According to a report by a top organization, the quality of the Indian education system is ranked 116th out of 190 countries.
  • The Indian government has set a target of achieving 100% literacy in the country by 2030, according to the Ministry of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What should be the approach while drafting an education resume?

When crafting an education resume, you need to show a potential employer how you can uniquely contribute to their organization. This is where researching the company and job role is critical. Identify the skills, experiences, and achievements that relate best to the position you’re applying for.

Q2. Do we need to add a separate technical skills section in our education resume?

Try to include a section in your resume that showcases your full range of technical skills, including your ability to use software programs and applications for administrative and instructional purposes. Consider making a table listing the specific tools you know proficiently, such as Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Suite, or Google Classroom.

Q3. How should I highlight my coursework on my resume?

While explaining your coursework, you should focus on the courses that are most relevant to the job profile you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a job in Digital Marketing, you may want to highlight courses in social media marketing, SEO, and Analytics. You can also include any relevant projects or tasks you completed as part of your coursework.

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