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2023 Ultimate Job Titles Guide + Examples

Looking for a resume that shows off your skills and portfolios? Look no further than our perfect resume examples. We have everything you need to make an impression on the hiring manager, and our selection is growing all the time.

Best Resume examples by industry and job profile

1) Marketing:

marketing resume example

As you know marketing is the art of associating your brand with your target audience, and delivering an ever- lasting impression that drives action and you can do so with our marketing resume examples.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Marketing Analyst, SEO Specialist, SEM Specialist.

2) Accounting:

accounting resume example

As you know accounting is an ever changing and continuously evolving field, demanding analytical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to reconcile to changing regulations and technology,you can showcase every detail with our accounting resume example.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Accountant, Accounting Clerk, Bookkeeper, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Tax Accountant, Payroll Specialist, Budget Analyst.

3) Administrative:

administrative resume example

In today’s era of business environment, administrative professionals are more significant than ever, with our administrative resume examples you can showcase everything needed to succeed.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Marketing Coordinator, Sales Coordinator, IT Support Technician, Financial Administrator, Legal Assistant, Medical Secretary, Personal Assistant.

4) Customer service:

customer service resume

Customer service is not just about dealing with problems; with our customer service resume examples you can construct relationships and deliver top-notch service to end users.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Customer Service Executive, Customer Support Specialist, Call Center Agent, Technical Support Representative, Client Services Coordinator, Customer Support Manager, Customer Experience Specialist, Help Desk Technician.

5) Engineering:

engineering resume example

Engineers are mostly problem solvers, using their technical expertise and creativity. With our engineering resume examples you can design innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Computer Engineer, Environmental Engineer.

6) Nursing:

Functional nursing resume example

Nursing is a profession of compassion and showing empathy towards those who are suffering. With our nursing resume examples you can showcase all what is needed to support those in need.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Nurse Midwife (CNM), Nurse Educator.

7) Sales:

Sales is a career field that gives endless opportunities for growth and development, with our sales resume examples you can showcase all achievements and accomplishments that are required to earn high rewards for hard work and dedication.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Sales Representative, Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager, Inside Sales Representative, Outside Sales Representative.

8) Information Technology (IT):

IT resume example

Information technology is about understanding the full potential of technology, with our information technology resume examples you can showcase how to drive business success and create value for customers.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Software Developer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Systems Administrator, Information Security Analyst, Cloud Architect, Web Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst.

9) Human Resources (HR):

HR resume example

Human resources are a significant part of every organization, with our human resources resume examples you can showcase your achievement required to fulfill business objectives.

Some relevant job profiles are-

HR Generalist, HR Manager, HR Director, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Recruiter, Benefits Specialist, Compensation Specialist, Training and Development Manager.

10) Education:

education resume example

Education is the key to acknowledge the potential of individuals and society, with our education resume examples you can create a brighter future for us all.

Some relevant job profiles are-

Teacher (elementary, middle, or high school), Professor (in higher education), Principal or Headteacher, School Counselor, Curriculum Developer, Instructional, Designer, Education Administrator, Education Consultant.

Resume Examples of all 3 Formats

1) Chronological Format-

It is a chronological resume format.

For whom this format is ideal to use- Mid-Level and Executive Level professionals.

In a chronological resume format, your work experience is mentioned in reverse chronological order, that is starting with your most recent job.

2) Functional Format-

It is a functional resume format.

For whom this format is ideal to use- Entry- Level professionals with less or no prior experience.

In a functional resume format, your skills and accomplishments are displayed at the top of the resume, accompanied by your work experience and education.

3) Combinational Format-

It is a combination resume format.

For whom this format is ideal to use- Entry-Level, Mid-Level and Executive Level professionals.

In a combination resume format, both of your skills and work experience are highlighted, with your education section placed just after your work experience section

Major Section of a perfect resume


available resume formats

There are many different resume templates available on the platform, so it’s important to find one that’s the best fit for your needs. Try to tailor it as per the job description or as per your job profile.


Contact details of applicant

When creating a resume, it’s important to be aware of contact information. Contact information includes-

  1. Your Name.
  2. Email Address.
  3. Phone Number.
  4. Career Field, and .
  5. Locality.

 Putting in contact information correctly can be a great way to increase your chances of being contacted.


educationa details of applicant

If you have any college or university degrees, be sure to include them on your resume. Most companies are happy to see recent academic achievements in addition to years of experience and relevant work experience. In education details, we need to fill in the –

  1. Institute name.
  2. Institute address.
  3. Degree.
  4. Field of study.
  5. CGPA.
  6. Timeline.


skills of the applicant

Make sure you list all of your skills on your resume! This will show employers that you know how to do the things they need from a job applicant. For example, if you have experience in customer service, put this information on your resume! You can add several skills as per your job profile.


professional summary of applicant

Your professional summary should summarize everything else on your resume (years of experience, education or training, etc.). Make sure it’s concise and clear so employers can quickly understand what type of person you are and what type of job you would be interested in applying for.

We are providing an AI writer, which you can positively use as per your requirements.


work experience of applicant

Work experience is a key part of a resume as it gives potential employers an understanding of your skills, abilities, and achievements. Including work experience on your resume shows hiring managers that you have been able to successfully apply your skills and knowledge in a professional setting. By highlighting your previous work experience, you can showcase your accomplishments, projects you’ve worked on, and skills you’ve acquired throughout your career. This information helps employers understand how you can add value to their organization. Additionally, including work experience on your resume shows that you have practical knowledge and experience that can be applied to real-world situations.


certification of a candidate

Fill in details of all certifications and accomplishments because-

  1. It showcases your skills and knowledge.
  2. It vindicates your accomplishments.
  3. It also shows adherence to professional developments and many more.
  4. It can help to stand out from your competitors

Benefit of CareerNewton AI Powered Resume Builder

  • Convenient– Create and save unlimited AI-generated resumes and cover letters, reducing time and effort for each job application.
  • Professional- High-quality content, ensuring a polished and professional image to potential employers.
  • Get Shortlisted- Increase your chances of getting shortlisted by personalizing the  content to match specific job requirements and highlight unique skills and experiences.
  • Time-saving- Quickly generate and store multiple versions of resumes and cover letters for different job applications.
  • Affordable- You can download one AI created resume for free. For downloading unlimited resumes and cover letters only pay a small subscription fee. Save costs & time of hiring copywriters.
  • Error-free- AI-generated content is free of spelling and grammar errors, increasing chances of landing the desired job.
  • Up-to-date- Regularly updated with the latest resume and cover letter trends and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Major difference between Resume and CV ?

Both CV and resume are used for job applications, a CV is usually longer and more in-detailed, while a resume is brief and focused on highlighting relevant qualifications for a specific job profile.

Q2. What is an ideal resume format for 2023?

In the current era, there are basically a lot of options available, but the best template will depend on several factors, including the industry you are applying for, your experience, and personal preferences. You can get several options at CarrerNewton.

Q3. How long should a resume be?

A resume should usually be 1-2 pages long, it totally depends on the candidate’s work experience and educational qualifications.

Q4. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a resume?

Common mistakes to avoid when writing a resume include including irrelevant details, using a generic objective statement, using an unprofessional email address, and having spelling or grammatical errors.

Q5. Where to add online courses in your resume?

You can add online courses at various places in your resume. You can add them in- 

  1. Education Section.
  2. Skill section.
  3. Work experience section.

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